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Bob Marley is a universal spirit moved by the hand of Jah. In this book of visions he is a father, farmer, teacher, player, wanderer and musician forever fighting in Jah's army.

Bob Marley's 60th year is here. Sixty and still smokin'. To commemorate this important year, Tuff Gong Books is bringing out 60 Visions: A Book of Prophecy by Bob Marley. This precious book, fully illustrated with 25 archival color and black and white photographs of Bob shows how he draws inspiration from his daily life: "Because I know say, Jah have I and I living in every life."

Here are sixty ways we can heal the world while healing ourselves. Here are sixty visions that cover the world like the waters cover the sea. Here are 60 seeds to plant, one at a time, in the human heart. A must-have for Marley collections and a welcome companion for all who value the wisdom of a true poet of peace.

60 Visions: A Book of Prophecy
by Bob Marley

Classification: Meditations, adult
Pages: 100 w/ color throughout
Size: 3.75" x 5.5"
Edition: Perfect leather bound softcover
ISBN: 0-9719758-1-7
Retail Price: $12.95
Availability: March 2005

copyright 2005, Tuff Gong Books